Motorsport  Storage, LLC


Motorsport Storage, LLC                                                                  Date_____________

Motorsport Storage LLC

105 3rd Street S.

Henderson, MN.  56044




This Lease Agreement is made between Motorsport Storage, LLC (hereafter known as “Owner”), with a principal place of business at 105 3rd Street S, Henderson Minnesota (hereinafter known as “Premises”), and ____________________________,Having an address of _________________________(“Occupant”).  Occupant shall lease for a _______(hereinafter referred to as the “Space”) from Owner, in the building located at above stated premises.


1.        RENT.  Occupant agrees to pay Owner for one season’s rent upon signing this Agreement and every

Season, thereafter on the 1st day of each new season.  The rental season are summer: May 1st-Nov 1st. and winter: Nov 1st to April 31st.  Payment shall be made to Motorsport Storage, LLC.


2.        NON LIABILITY OF OWNER.  Owner is not liable for any personal injuries, deaths or property damage of any sort regardless of the cause unless caused by the negligence or intentional misconduct of the Owner, its agents or employees.  Owner is not liable for loss or damage resulting from the failure, interruption or malfunction of any utilities, appliances or fixtures provided to Occupant under the terms of this agreement or otherwise.  If Owner supplies electricity, water, heating, air conditioning, or other utilities to the space.  Owner shall not be liable for loss or damage resulting from the failure, interruption, or malfunction of any such service or utilities. 


3.       INSURANCE.  Occupant is solely responsible for obtaining insurance on the property stored in his/her space.  THE PROPERTY STORED IN THE SPACE IS NOT INSURED BY THE OWNER AGAINST LOSS OR DAMAGE.  OCCUPANT MUST OBTAIN ANY INSURANCE DESIRED AT HIS/HER EXPENSE.


4.        SECURING PREMISES.  Occupant is responsible for locking his/her vehicle.  Owner is not responsible for any loss other than as may be specifically provided by this lease.  Any electronic system which may monitor access to the premises provides no assurance that a loss may not occur.


5.        ABANDONMENT OF OCCUPANT’S PROPERTY.  If Occupant leaves any personal property at the storage facility after the end of this agreement, Owner will consider it abandoned and may sell or dispose of it as provided in Minnesota Statutes Section 504.24.


6.        Please contact owner of any address or phone number change.


7.        ACCESS.  Occupant shall have access to the space by appointment only. Please call 24 hours in advance.


Name ______________________________________  Phone __________________________

 vehicle make___________________ Vehicle model and year address_________________________________________________________________________






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